“I kept always two books in my pocket, one to read, one to write in.”

Robert Louis Stevenson

About Rajat Jhingan,

Hello! Dear Readers,

Really felt honourable that you wish to know about the face behind the webpages. Guess we are knocking down the digital walls.

‘About me’, well, writing is what my soul loves to do and editing is what my pocket forces me to do. Yups. Knowledge and research are what I find solace in.

Blogger by Destiny

I have been into blog writing for a very long time. I still remember that my first blog was way back in 2008. It was just a little romance with writing stuff online and nothing serious. Back then it was a different world. I wrote 8-9 articles and got almost 7000 views. But I was not then focused on the statistics part. I wrote for the sake of writing. After that, I seriously gave a thought about writing online in 2018 and tried to settle in the new world of blogs, websites, and SEOs. A journey is an adventure in itself.

On this blog/website I meant to reach people and help them in making informed decisions. I love to write and share. It is a healthy and growing experience. Be it about products, lifestyle changes or some guidance regarding writing and SEO, if you find it useful then, it was all worth it.

Work Experience

Professionally, I am a content writer, editor, and content developer (including PowerPoint Presentations). I scribble something and people find it helpful. I am an editor and an Assistant Manager in a company in Delhi (India). When it comes to writing professional content, I have experience of over 4 years. If I add non-company work including freelancing and previous casual blog-writing, then it is more than 10 years that I have been diving into the world of knowledge and ‘creative writing’.

I have edited: Academic books, online journals/ magazines etc.

When it comes to content creation, I have been a ‘ghost writer’ too. Being an editor of an online magazine, I still write articles, handle a team of gifted graphic designers, operators (people who handle In-design software), and also lead a team of content writers and freelancers.

Apart from that SEO based articles, headlines, full end-to-end creation of academic books, competitive examination related course material have been a part of my regular profile.

Know About My Education

I am an MBA post-graduate. During MBA, my major specialization was ‘Finance’ and my minor specialization was ‘Human Resource Management’. My graduation comprised of a Business Administration degree having major specialization in ‘Finance’ and minor specialization in ‘Insurance’. IT (Information Technology) enabled business administration has been my forte. Apart from that, strategic management, computer networking, business communication, business strategy etc. has been my areas of expertise.

My schooling is from Cambridge School, Delhi. Even my post-graduation is also from Delhi as this is my home city.

Other Experience

I have done internships in many companies. Some of them are ICICI Bank, SAIL (Steel Authority of India Limited) and Dabur Sandesh. I started my career as a corporate executive at Arshiya Limited in Delhi.

If you like to get in touch with me or want to know more about me, then do comment or email. Looking forward for our exciting interaction.


Rajat Jhingan

Email: rajat.jhingan@gmail.com