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“I kept always two books in my pocket, one to read, one to write in.”

Robert Louis Stevenson

Here Strategy Meets Success

Despite having a management degree and years of corporate experience, I have realized that pursuing knowledge in this field is never-ending. The more I delve into its intricacies, the more I uncover the labyrinthine nature of management.

Management is an art; if you’re an entrepreneur, it all begins with you. Your vision, values, and leadership style set the tone for the entire organization, trickling down through every level of the chain of command.

A Business is the Reflection of the Founder and Management’s Personality.

– Rajat Jhingan

The above line sums up a major part of my career.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working closely with CEOs and leading teams, witnessing firsthand how a business transforms under the guidance of strong leadership. My first startup flew only with the fuel of skill and took off with a lean strategy, and the thrill was that I built the capital from the business and not “started the business with the capital.”

Of all the complexities of managing teams, organizational change, corporate communications, process management, client handling, succession planning, you name it, and I could see the common thread weaving the whole matrix of rank and file and giving it a personality.

Strategy and tactics are complementary, but aligning with your mindset and energy is much more needed than a textbook alignment with goals. You are working with people, and there is one thing with people.

People are Humans. Humans are emotional beings that think and not thinking beings with emotions.

I have rich experience in leading teams, cross-functional collaborations, independent consultancy, and training team members, and I feel proud when they are selected for higher purposes.
When it comes to strategy, it is the dance of the business. Tunes of uncontrollable variables in the business environment need to be met by controllable moves.
Formulating strategies is one thing, but developing an implementable plan is another. Choosing the right target, weapon, soldier, energy, and then, wait, the wind speed. I help you to consider all the things you may miss. Moving towards success, one step at a time.

Know About My Education

I am an MBA post-graduate. During MBA, my major specialization was ‘Finance’ and my minor specialization was ‘Human Resource Management’.

My graduation comprised of a Business Administration degree having major specialization in ‘Finance’ and minor specialization in ‘Insurance’. IT (Information Technology) enabled business administration has been my forte. Apart from that, strategic management, computer networking, business communication, business strategy etc. has been my areas of expertise.

My schooling is from Cambridge School, Delhi. Even my post-graduation is also from Delhi as this is my home city.

Join me as we unravel the complexities of management, dive deep into the nuances of leadership, and discover the secrets to building thriving organizations. Together, let’s navigate the ever-evolving business landscape and unlock the true potential of your business.


Rajat Jhingan



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