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Join the community of visionaries. Master the change and stay ahead. Globe is spinning fast and technology has changed the way we interact with the world. Change is the only constant variable and now it has become continuous. Here we see the world as it is and like a sniper keep a watchful eye on the changes taking place and do more than just being updated.

This blog is more than just sharing opinions. It is a roadmap to the new world, the world of increasing possibilities, the world where you are the centerpiece. Let us understand the dynamics behind technology, blogging, upcoming products, the beauty of life, and let us share what we can contribute for everyone to be a better citizen on the planet.

Lifestyle: Health & Wellness

Life is a journey. Make it a comfortable and empowering experience. Dive into insights on various aspects of life to live a fulfilled life. From health, beauty to style and professionalism, sharp as a assassins’ knife.

Products & New Launches

One-stop destination for views, reviews, and much more. Money is a precious commodity itself, you have earned it well, now spend it wisely.

Digital Marketing: Content & Strategy

Enough of useless internet web surfing. Get the most out of your internet time. It’s a new world of digitization. Content is the King and the website is its Chariot and we are your Route Map. Writer’s Desk comes out with regular pieces of content, content strategy, and other useful tips.

Business & Entrepreneurship

Money makes the world go round because Einstein is on a holiday and people like Warren Buffet are working overtime. Understand the intricate world of business and entrepreneurship. We go beyond lofty ideas to plans that work in the real world.

Products & New Launches

One-stop destination for views, reviews, and much more. Money is a precious commodity itself, you have earned it well, now spend it wisely.

Fun Zone

You are going very well on your conquest in life. Have a seat, relax and take some time to laugh and share some light moments. Explore the light side of life. Opinions, gossips, movies, sports, etc. They all add a very different dimension to life: A Social One.

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Fourth Industrial Revolution - an article by Rajat Jhingan explaining the nuances of change happening due to digital progress

Fourth Industrial Revolution – Unfolding the New Era

Fourth Industrial Revolution also Industry 4.0 is redefining the processes and ways to do things. IoT, AI, Big Data, Quantum Computing etc has reshaped and redefined the ways to conduct business and lead our lives. Understanding and acknowledging the change is the first step towards preparing for the change.

Mobishaala India Digital Classroom Readiness Survey 2021 - Rajat Jhingan

India Digital Classroom Readiness Survey 2021 – Powered by Mobishaala

India Digital Classroom Readiness Survey 2021 powered by Mobishaala assesses India’s digital preparedness across vital technology parameters. Preparing the nation for a technological future where every student gets an opportunity to learn without any limitations of time, distance and technology.

Buy a Budget Laptop for Video Editing for Youtube

Budget Laptops for YouTube Video Editing in 2021

Buy a decent budget laptop that fulfills all your needs for YouTube video editing and at the same time, you save money to invest in other things to improve your video, like a good microphone or a good tripod, or maybe buy something to please yourself. Why buy over-priced and over-hyped laptops when you can buy a budget laptop that can fulfill all your requirements for your YouTube channel! The cost must justify the purchase and your needs.

This article will help you to reach a decision on buying a ‘Budget Laptop for YouTube Video Editing in 2021’, you’ll be getting a ‘Point-blank Ultimate Buying Guide’ with straight answers, as to what to look for while making a purchase. Additionally, you’ll be having a list of 10 laptops that will fit the budget and do the job.

God as defined and debated by theists and atheists is always bounded in the rational constructs that limit God's understanding in accordance to human self interests.

Omnipotent Humans: Manufacturing Gods for Theists and Atheists

How does it matter if you are a theist or atheist? You both are still in the same boat. One rocking one side and another one the other. Both of you trace your existence to the presence or absence of God. Happy arguing to these two. One worships the miracles told by others and the other finds it amusing to debunk the believer’s wonderland while at the same time trying to find refuge in science. One kills in the name of religion and the other kills in the name of science. Welcome to the Mad House! All rationales live in the Mad House!

Apple iPad Air 4th Generation : Solid Reasons to Buy this Tablet

Apple iPad Air (4th Generation) – Even Apple Haters Will Buy This Tablet

Apple, the premium technology company offers Apple iPad Air (4th Generation), which is a strong contender to even replace the laptop. It gives you all the good reasons to make the purchase. Plus, you’ll know that this time, it is actually economically viable to invest in this expensive aluminum frame tablet, specially if you are a graphics designer, YouTube content creator, a professional and when it comes to a student, it is actually an investment into your education.

Benefits of a Job Over Business and Entrepreneurship

A Job Has Its Own Benefits: You May Be Enjoying Them

Job or Business? Which is better? Is Entrepreneurship worth the effort? Running behind the fancy world of big business and money, maybe your job has much more glitter than you think. Your grass is greener for other horses. Sometimes having a decent job is better than doing your own business. Read this before making the jump!


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The Success Mindset

Is dreaming big really important to be successful? In real life, do dreams hold any value? Do dreams stands the test to reality? What to choose, Dreams or Reality? What is the Right Approach to Life and Success? What happens when dreams collide with real-life situations? All advice and motivational talks are filled with adrenalin pumping rhetoric. What should you do, dream big or walk on the path of pragmatism? Let us explore the by-lanes of life and navigate through our own paddles of fate, action and intelligence. Click here to read.


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