Why We Need Time Management: 10 Benefits of Time Management

There is always so much to do and time is less. But the question is that is the time really less or we are just mismanaging it? A lot of things on your mind?   After reading this article, “Why We Need Time Management: 10 Benefits of Time Management” you’ll get to know about ‘time management”, its scope, viability and how it can change your life forever.

Why do we need time management? Before going forward and claiming big things, let me tell you the simplest of all the things, “We need time management because it benefits us is many ways” and as humans, we are much interested in the things that benefits us all. Plain and simple!

Before getting further, let me assure you that there is always ample time to do what is important for us. But the question is that do we know, what is important to us?

Time management is a bit of over-used and misused word. Why? Because we can never manage time, we can manage only one thing and that is “US”. Thus we manage the time by managing and sorting out ourselves. 

We all have dreams and they have no boundaries. Rather they should not have any boundaries at all. If you dream, good.  If you dream and make castles in the air, then its too good, now the only task left is to lay a solid foundation to it. And as we say that the two most powerful warriors are time and patience, then you ought to get them on your side.

10 Benefits of Time Management

Time is limited but our dreams are not. Time management is basically doing what is most important at a given point of time with least distractions. You need to prioritize, make effective and efficient use of your time. Time management gives you many benefits let us look at some of them:

1. Godly Invincibility

What do Gods have? Answer is too much time, till eternity and beyond. It’s the time which makes them invincible. Good news is that you do not have to compete with Gods, but with a regular fellow earthling. Many people around us are not good at managing time, and if you are a little better than them, you are the one who can work a little more, enjoy a little more, accomplish a little more and cherish a little more. All these, ‘little more’ adds up to a lot more and people around you wonder how you achieved all this.

2. Sense of Control

Being good at time management keeps you away from any sudden bad decision moments. When you plan well and are in complete control of your time, you also save lot of efforts from being wasted. It is possible only when, you know what is important and what you need to do to get that important thing done. You feel a sense of control as if a military general has tasks, mission and deadlines and he has plans to meet them and beat them.

3. Roman Victory

When you are good at time management, you know what to do and what are the priorities. As the Roman saying goes, “Carpe Diem”, you “Seize the Day”, you capture your day with your efforts and live it to the fullest. You become like the great Roman Emperor Julius Ceaser, you capture and grow yourself to success and glory. Everyday, you have a day to  your disposal and when you harvest it full, you actually get richer by a day in your life.

4. Achieve More

While utilizing your time and allotting it to the task most suited for, you end up achieving more than a fellow mortal homo sapien. You rise above the average BOB and you achieve more. You create a continuity in your efforts and success. From one success you create a campaign of success.

5. Confidence

Completion of a task or continued growth in itself is a reward of the work. When you accomplish something then you feel fulfilled, you get the confidence that you are a closer. When you begin things, then you can end them well. It boosts your confidence and encourages you to a positive spiral of growth and success.

6. “Can do” Attitude

We all know that, ‘little progress every day, adds up to big result’. And when that progress is well planned and helps you to achieve tough goals, then you develop an attitude to work. Nothing is impossible. A tough and large task can be broken down into a small every day tasks and can be completed. By solving tough things you end up achieving the impossible things. You develop a winner’s “can do’ attitude. You become a hero, first for yourself and then a role model for others.

7. Ability to say “NO”

When you are prioritizing your time, efforts and achievements, then you know what to do and you also know what not to do. This helps to to “Say No’, to the things that are distractions, low on priority, can be delegated, are not critical etc etc. The idea is that you successfully avoid those tasks which are not contributing to your growth and your goals. With a clear mind you know when to say “NO”.

8. Channelizing Efforts

When there is efficient time management, the tasks are well prioritized and we know what to do and when to do. Since we all have limited time and energy, a plan for task execution helps in better utilization of our time and energy. We can channelize our efforts and time in a better manner. We work, when we have to work and we have leisure time, when we want to enjoy. When we do right thing at the right time, we grow in all directions.

9. Internal Motivation

A person with a good time management, manages self and is happy with himself. He is motivated by himself. And his motivation comes from inside. By this I mean, that he wants to improve and grow, want to be a better version of himself. His motivation is not due to a newly launched model of a car or some external happiness. His motivation lies within himself. He sets a goal, he achieves it and takes pride and happiness in achieving the goal, then he stops and enjoys the prize and then moves on. He adds something to his personality. A confidence and happiness. This addiction of working and achieving things also gives self esteem.

10. Balanced Life

With a proper time management, people live a well sorted life without a hurry. We live all aspects of our life in a manner which is meant to be lived. In office we deal with office, at home we deal with our home priorities etc. Our tasks are done when they are meant to be done and we know the importance of time to be spent with loved ones and friends. We know who are time wasters and who are real additions to life. Our life becomes a treasure for us and those we touch.

So we hope, this information has cleared all the doubts, if you had any and has laid a solid foundation for you to understand and grasp this concept of “time management’ and how we are all going to be benefitted with it.

It is very encouraging that you have decided to take control of the things which you should. You are surely on a path to be a winner. Do also learn about the “Tricks of Time Management” and “Tools for Time Management”.

Rajat Jhingan

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