Online Dating - Finding Love

Online Dating: Are You Ready to Find Love?

Love is just a swipe away! Really. So are the dangers of the cyber world. Online dating is fast catching up in the information age. It gives you a lot of options but at the same time also makes you vulnerable. The episode of ‘Adam and Eve’, has ‘Snake’ too. Beware. There are certain Dos and Don’ts for Online Dating. Can you just simply trust a ‘username’ and meet the person in real? Have you ever heard of due-diligence? It is not just a question of emotion, but your security and trust are way more important than what you may miss in the pinky shine of love and kisses. XOXO…. Follow me!

50 Cheesy and Funny Pick-Up Lines Laugh and Love

50 Cheesy and Funny Pick-Up Lines: Laugh and Love

A healthy flirting and a good laugh is surely one of the unsuspecting ingredients of good mental and social health. Enjoy this article – ’50 Cheesy and Funny Pick-Up Lines: Laugh and Love’ and spend some lighter moments away from the stress of your daily life. Smile and remember the charm you possess. Have fun in the most healthy manner and do look into the mirror and compliment yourself after reading these ‘cheezy pick-up lines’. Yes, you are good looking and at the same time, it is not bad to be cheezy sometimes.

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