Benefits of a Job Over Business and Entrepreneurship

A Job Has Its Own Benefits: You May Be Enjoying Them

Job or Business? Which is better? Is Entrepreneurship worth the effort? Running behind the fancy world of big business and money, maybe your job has much more glitter than you think. Your grass is greener for other horses. Sometimes having a decent job is better than doing your own business. Read this before making the jump!

Co-existence : Technology and Environment

Can nature and industry coexist? Can there be some cohesion between biosphere (cycle of nature) and technosphere (cycle of technology)? Yes, it is very much possible. Community involvement and stakeholders participation while formulating workable solutions create an ecosystem of trust and better corporate governance. Environment friendly solutions and smart use of resources create wealth for the society.

India's Taxt Payer Charter - Current Affairs

The Taxpayer Charter in India

On 13th August 2020, 2020 India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched The Taxpayers' Charter. The charter has promised to make tax compliance easy by reducing the cost of compliance and also to uphold privacy and confedentiality of the taxpayers. It has listed the commitments by the tax department to the taxpayer and also the responsibilities of the tax payer.