Mobishaala India Digital Classroom Readiness Survey 2021 - Rajat Jhingan

India Digital Classroom Readiness Survey 2021 – Powered by Mobishaala

India Digital Classroom Readiness Survey – 2021 powered by Mobishaala

India Digital Classroom Readiness Survey – 2021 powered by Mobishaala is an annual survey across schools and colleges to measure the degree of online presence across various verticals namely:  Admissions; Academics; Test & Evaluation; Training & Placements; and Digital Infrastructure.

IDCRS – 2021 is launched as part of the Digital Classroom Empowerment Mission of Mobishaala with state of art technology solutions, which aims to empower every educator, institution, and mentor to have access to the quality digital classroom platform for free, enabling them to connect with hundreds of students seamlessly. 

Mobishaala India Digital Classroom Readiness Survey 2021 - Rajat Jhingan
Mobishaala India Digital Classroom Readiness Survey 2021

We strongly believe, if a single empowered teacher can educate hundreds of students, then with a million digitally empowered teachers, together we can do wonders. With a mission to empower a million educators,  this is our humble contribution towards nation-building.  

With the Global restrictions, the pandemic has impacted every school and educational institution across India. The subsequent lockdowns have adversely impacted the academic year of more than 247 million students due to the closure of around 1.5 million schools and colleges. It has now become imperative to continue education with digital means. Thus, this initiative makes it all the more important to assess the gaps in our education system and learn from the best to serve the rest in a new normal which is driven by robust digital technology solutions.

To summarise, the objective of this survey is to empower the educators by identifying their needs thereby implementing and deploying technological solutions so as to reach millions of students. The survey seeks to cover over 5,000 schools, 500 Colleges, 20 Universities, and many other educational and training institutions across the nation.

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Mobishaala is an Indian ed-tech company that has been redefining and actively reshaping the future of the education industry while empowering educators and delivering the seeds of education to its seekers.

Mobishaala is a digital classroom platform where you create your own digital classroom and connect with lakhs of students anywhere anytime within five minutes, and that too for free. You can quickly set up your classes, live or recorded, upload tests, notes, ebooks, and much more.

No prior technical knowledge is required, plus there is 24/7 tech support for the educators.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Arthur C. Clarke

Mobishaala takes care of sales and marketing and you do what you are best at – teaching.

Connect with Mobishaala, connect with empowerment.

Mobishaala – Digital Empowerment Process

Mobishaala provides an enriching technology experience for its users. Empowerment is the keyword here. The world is changing at a nano-second pace and Mobishaala is in tune with the changes. Don’t stay behind, join the bandwagon, connect with Mobishaala.

Taking Education to the Masses – Democratising Education

Mobishaala strongly believes that education is the right of every citizen and access to education should be universal in our country. With schemes like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), the Government of India is making great progress in delivering the fruits of the welfare economy to its citizens.

Mobishaal brings technology and keen professional insight to the service of the nation and heartily contributes to the process of nation-building. Though the effort is humble in the beginning, the first step of the great journey has been taken.

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