Apple iPad Air 4th Generation : Solid Reasons to Buy this Tablet

Apple iPad Air (4th Generation) – Even Apple Haters Will Buy This Tablet

Apple, the premium technology company offers Apple iPad Air (4th Generation), which is a strong contender to even replace the laptop. It gives you all the good reasons to make the purchase. Plus, you’ll know that this time, it is actually economically viable to invest in this expensive aluminum frame tablet, especially if you are a graphics designer, YouTube content creator, a professional, and when it comes to a student, it is actually an investment into your education.

Wise Buyers Criteria for Technology Purchase

Apple has been under constant fire for producing very expensive products. But this time, there is something, Apple iPad Air (4th Generation) which is not expensive, when you do the cost-benefit analysis. Rather it justifies the price this time, surprisingly! Especially if you are a YouTube Content Creator, a Graphics Designer, a middle-level management boss (like a country manager or a regional manager), and a student pursuing some professional degree. In this article, you’ll get to know, that investing in Apple iPad Air (4th Generation) is actually a cost-benefit, both in the long and short term. I myself have been an Apple critic but at the same time, I am a person believing in the logic of commerce and investment when it comes to making monetary decisions.

Investing in technology is a tricky task, especially when these 4 factors are considered:

  1. If the technology is expensive.
  2. Other cheaper alternatives are available.
  3. The rate of change of technology is fast and devices get outdated very easily.
  4. Other similar devices are being invented every now and then and your device cannot stand when the technological ecosystem upgrades.

Here I will consider these four factors as 4-Decision Makers before investing in any expensive technology. Remember, money is a hard-earned resource, spend it well and wisely. Apple iPad Air (4th Generation), has to qualify on the above criteria, only then it will be considered as a wise purchase.

Price Factor for Apple iPad Air (4th Generation)

You get only, what is in the reach of your pocket. Yes, this is the real truth behind all the commercial transactions in the world. Even if you buy in installments, you need to pay back or you know the headaches of a ‘low credit score’.

Apple products are damn expensive. Almost a universal truth. If you have no real work from the technology and just want to write e-mails and show-off and make your friends jealous, then Apple is very expensive. But if you are a person with a high load of work, you are some video editor of your YouTube channel or edit big audio files or even a student pursuing a professional degree then this 10.9-inch Apple iPad Air (4th Generation) makes sense, price-wise.

For video-editing, graphics designing, etc., I’ll call this moderate to mid-heavy usage. As I won’t recommend a tablet to someone who is into hardcore programming. But for video editing, graphics designing you generally need i5 and above processor with significant RAM. A low-end i7, if you could extend your budget is still a better choice. The question is for how long will your laptop survive the change in technology and is it worth investing in buying an i5 or low range i7 when you can buy Apple iPad Air with a more advanced processor that can be valid for 7+ years.

Thus, not just price criteria, this tablet also justifies the ability to survive changes in technology for long time.

Apple iPad Air (4th Generation) - All Colors
Apple iPad Air (4th Generation)

Video Editing and Content Creation with Apple iPad Air (4th Generation)

About the processor above, it’s A 14 Bionic chip, it delivers the smooth capability to edit and stream 4K video content. If you are buying for your famous YouTube channel, it seems now you can easily edit videos even when you are traveling, or just woke up early in the morning, pick up that iPad Air 4 and start editing it with ease. No hang-ups or anything. That powerful A 14 Bionic Chip is meant to deliver that power. Well, many of the YouTube videos are still not shot in 4K. Seems you are well equipped for the next generation. This means, your one-time investment will help you even if future technology upgrades for the next 5-6 years, and technology is meant to upgrade. 4K recording up to 60 fps. The tablet belonging to the next decade.

 For graphic designers, Apple Pencil 2, is your magic wand.

Apple Pencil 2nd Generation
Apple Pencil 2nd Generation

So, you are insured. Applications like Luma Fusion is great for video production. For small yet professional video projects, the default video editing app, iMovie is well enough. Do you know, many YouTubers use iMovie to edit the videos they put on YouTube? Eureka!

Gaming, video editing, MS Word, augmented reality, or even Photoshop, you can throw up any challenge and Apple iPad Air (4th Generation) stands up to serve you better. Get ready for the royal treatment.

Apple iPad Air (4th Generation) – A Tablet That Can be Your New Computer

Where the laptop cannot go, Apple iPad is there for you. Yes, it’s true. Can it be said about other tablets, well no. It gives all the features of a traditional computer; I’ll say a traditional mid-level i7 processor desktop computer. The additional plus point is that it is much more advanced than the i7, I mean A 14 Bionic Chip processor is better than i7. Going beyond processor now.

In price, the i7 mid-range is costlier than Apple iPad Air (4th Generation), 256 GB non-cellular variant. The detachable ‘Magic Keyboard’ is purely magical. Yes, the hype is true. The only thing bad about Apple products is the price they command, or rather, the premium they command. If money is not the issue and you can buy the Magic Keyboard, then you are buying the best typing experience on the planet. If it is expensive, then there are other low-cost budget accessories too, which are good.

Apple iPad Air (4th Generation) with Magic Keyboard
Apple iPad Air (4th Generation) with Magic Keyboard

Attaching that portable keyboard, will turn your tablet into a laptop and you experience the buttery flow of typing. USB-Type C charger and battery life (10 hours of battery life) is surely a challenge to the laptops. More is yet to come. The Apple Pencil, we’ll cover below.

Apple iPad Air (4th Generation) is Leading the Technology Transition

Tablets are gaining momentum in today’s world of consumer electronics. And if it is an Apple iPad Air (4th Generation), then it is surely a head-turner. Apple, the technology company is a brand to reckon with. Like any big wig, Apple has its loyal consumers, critics, and aspirant buyers.

A little more than a decade ago, desktop PCs were being challenged and eventually replaced by laptops, now we are on the verge of another transformation, where powerful tablets can replace the laptops. And Apple iPad Air (4th Generation) is one of the commanding generals to bring this change. Of course, we still love desktop PCs and Laptops are too going to stay, if you have purchased some flagship-grade laptop, don’t get disheartened, it will remain your best buddy for next. The change is about to come, join the bandwagon and enjoy portability with processing power

Apple iPad Air (4th Generation) is currently the best tablet available in the market. Users have claimed it to be better than even iPad Pro. Amazing. Investing in iPad Air 4 is the best investment you can make in 2021 if you are planning to buy a table.

Apple iPad Air (4th Generation) can be effectively used in video editing, content creation, gaming, student, and many other professional uses. Apple iPad is an aluminum tablet that is now a contender to replace the good old workhorse – laptop. So, buying this powerful tablet is not costly in the long run, rather a wise decision.

Pro-Killer: Apple iPad Air (4th Generation) is the New Pro

In size, it is similar to iPad Pro 11-inch version. Two speakers, though it has four speaker grills. Previous iPads had only one speaker. So? If while holding you hold it from the side of the speakers, then you block the only speakers. But now you can have other speakers available too. Then why the four grills, when only two have functionality? It is for aesthetic purposes. Much louder even in outdoor testing. If it comes to out-door testing, one thing to be brought to your notice is that now it has better integration of screen with the glass, thus, your experience while writing with the help of Apple Pencil (2nd Generation) is very enriching and smooth. Better than Apple iPad 8th Generation.

Multi-tasking: Apple iPad Air (4th Generation) is Seamless

If you are a student or a professional who types a lot, watch lectures on half of the screen, and take down notes on the other half, then Apple iPad is surely your device to be. And as a professional, if you are integrating graphics, multiple objects along with typing, then you also need Apple iPad Air 4. Like our good old desktop, portability was not there, the laptop solved the issue, but still bulkier to carry it in a crowded metro. You cannot take a laptop everywhere and when you open it, the screen and keyboard make you place it on some platform to operate it. You cannot hold it for too long. That’s when every tablet fits in. But Apple iPad fits in much better.

While giving a presentation or in a meeting if you need to see your notes then the screen split in iPad is much more professional and handier. Works like a charm. You can drag and drop content. This feature is much more intuitive. Sharing files and storing them in iCloud makes your documents or files available from anywhere you log in. Your data is not device-dependent. Cloud storage though limited, but comes in handy.

WIFI Range is Robust

Many tablets face this issue but engineers at Apple have seemed to find a solution to it. The Apple iPad Air (4th Generation) is equipped with Wifi6. This means, it has a very high range, you can sit on the second floor of your hostel or home and still can catch the WIFI provided the modem can throw it up.  It has Gigabit‑class LTE if you go for a cellular version. Speed, connectivity, and range are not more constraints.

For Students Apple iPad Air (4th Generation) Works Like a Charm

 More image-based notes, yes you heard right. The quick and smart way of working and organizing. If you are some designer or your subject is complex then mark, annotate, highlight, make notes while reading books. Drag images from one document to another and voila! It gets copied. You swipe left with your three fingers – ‘undo’, you swipe right – ‘redo’.

Ah! Harry Potter Magic Charm. Works like so.

When you pay a premium price, then you are paying not just for work done, but for work to be done in style, with ease, and in less time. Life is short and you need to lessen your time spent on work in an effective manner to focus on other aspects of your life.

Reading a lengthy book is all about buttery smooth scrolling and a bigger screen. Laptops are too big and mobiles are too small, and now you know, Tablet fits in right where they are meant to.

Watch lectures on the big-screen and jot down notes while either using an Apple Pencil or a wireless keyboard. Probably, if money is not a constraint, then Apple Pencil (2nd Generation) and Apple Magic Keyboard will make Apple iPad (4th Generation) as your notebook, drawing book, computing device, gaming console and rest up to your imagination.

What an iPad cannot do for you is to cook or wash your clothes. If you have smart lights then surely it can switch-on and off that light for you. You can automate your home. Integration is seamless.

Apple iPad Air (4th Generation) is More Than Paying for Apple Logo

For many people, Apple is a style statement and a status symbol too. All at once. You may say that Apple is Gucci, Armani, Rolls Royce of the computing technology world for consumer devices. Apple the technology company is more than a brand for technology. It is a premium lifestyle brand in itself. A reputation built over the years with quality delivery on a consistent basis. How Apple achieved this?

Simple, they make premium technology products like iPhone, iMac, iPad, etc., and never entered into budget markets. They unapologetically say that we are a premium brand that gives premium products where quality is not compromised. The user experience and fanatic fan following tell, rest of the story. For this assured quality, even the second-hand Apple products command better prices than the flagship products of its competitors. It stayed in the top premium segment and still commands that segment. Though it must be said that the prices are too high and don’t justify the products. After all, they are consumer durables, not a bar of gold.

These high prices to own an Apple product is often dubbed as ‘Apple Tax’. But believe me, it is not compulsory to buy Apple products at such a high price. You retain your citizenship. But if you can own, then you’ll be owning a product with high-end technology where you know that all the pieces inside are of premium quality, are dependable and of course reliable. That’s why you pay so much price. It is never for the product, but for the user experience, features, dependability, reliability, and for how long your investment is going to stay valid for many years down the line.

When you buy a premium product, it withstands many technological changes and gives you the full value of money in the long run. In Android phones, the operating system is free and takes less cost to be tweaked and installed by smartphone companies around the world. But Apple develops its operating system (iOS) completely from the scratch, which is suited to its devices and brings full functionality for the user. While the generic android OS is not tweaked as per every device and things are hidden behind ‘developer options’. The major cost component includes charges for software and R&D, marketing (Apple Stores), generating that elite hype, etc.

Consumer Psychology

Apple is well known to have a very loyal and enthusiastic user base! Do you think it can be made without quality? Nope. Quality, consistency and that elite feel do the trick. Just keeping prices high doesn’t make things work, otherwise buying a bar of gold would be enough.

It is the features, the feel, the confidence of owning something special which your neighbor cannot own, etc. For many people, rather a youngster, owning a car, a plush mansion or a Rolls Royce could be a far-away dream or impossible for many. Owning an Apple product is manageable and gives that boost. I am here referring to the other side of consumer psychology. Every human being wants to be perceived as someone accomplished in society. Guess what? Owning Apple iPad (4th Generation) gives you that sense, and feeds your confidence to march forward.

There are many such brands that help you accomplish this. Since this article is based on Apple, so we are focusing here. Just like Apple, many super-cars brands, fashion brands, etc. also charge prices that are premium but are not purely justified to the product. But people complain more about Apple because it is within the reach of the common man. Otherwise, such products are symbols of the elites of any society, for whom currency can be used even instead of toilet paper.

Apple Products and Privacy

Uncompromising stand on privacy. Privacy is not about hiding. It is about not revealing when you feel that information can be misused and there are chances of misappropriation. You need to keep some information private so that it cannot be used against you. It could be your credit card numbers, your social security numbers, etc. You may not want companies to know your buying behavior or personal preferences.

Corporations are no different than governments, rather they work for a profit. Target advertisements are one of the examples of your data being used for commercial purposes. Apple doesn’t sell your data to marketing companies. The applications, need to ask users every time to read your location or other personal data. Apple is known to fanatically protect user privacy. Even in the 2016 case where the FBI asked Apple to unlock a phone of a mass shooting terrorist, Apple denied it as it could set a bad precedent. Apple was sued by the FBI. There are no backdoors to Apple created products. Apple does not collect user identifiable data normally. If it needs to collect that, then it uses differential privacy techniques. Basically, Apple gets the user data but does not know from which user or device it is coming. They have an end to end encryption. While many other big tech companies do make back doors and don’t run into court-rooms, Apple protects the user and is admired for this tough stance.

Apple iPad Air (4th Generation) Provides that Flagship grade experience Minimalistic Design

  • Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, as is customary, it is my privilege to brag about some of the cool features for my esteemed readers.
  • Apple iPad (4th Generation) comes in these colors: Space Gray, Rose Gold, Green, Sky Blue, and Silver.
  • Variant choice, in terms of Storage: 64 GB or 256 GB
  • Variants choice, in terms of Connectivity: Wifi or Wifi + Cellular
  • If you buy online from the Apple website, you can get ‘two personalized’ lines engraved at the back of your Apple iPad for free.
  • Amongst many other features, as with other Apple products, you get that flagship premium experience where the user interface is excellent and the device is slim with a beautiful design. The iOS operating system is well optimized for the device and performs above i7 processors in the real world. Though on paper, in a few specs, the i7 can tip the scales. But it’s the real-world scenarios that make the difference.
Apple iPad Air (4th Generation) comes in 5 colors, namely: Space Gray, Rose Gold, Green, Sky Blue, and Silver.
Apple iPad Air (4th Generation) – Color Variants
  • Do you know that the Apple Pencil (2nd Generation) gets magnetically attached to your Apple iPad Air (Generation 4) and gets charged automatically. This means you don’t need to plug it in any other USB charger. Cool. The pencil writes, tap twice, it erases and again tap twice, it writes. Handy! It has no removable parts so you don’t have to worry much about breaking it accidentally.
  • The ecosystem, if you own other Apple products makes people more efficient and productive. Things like Airdrop, iCloud, etc. The ecosystem is the big thing, made up of little things integrated by software that delivers what it promises.
  • The looks and the aesthetics don’t get old. The upgrades for generations of products, resale value is a big plus when compared to other computers. Apple products are simplistic
  • Newer touch ID that works brilliantly. Features added only for a purpose and not just to add the feature for a namesake. Stereo Speakers works brilliantly. Amazing sound.
  • Finally, USB Type C. No proprietary port this time. Fast charger included in the box. 20W fast charger.
  • iPad gets full magic keyboard support.

Final Verdict

Apple iPad Air offers value for money, portability, an amazing user experience, and above all the quality for which you are paying so much. If you have been hesitant in buying Apple products (due to cost factors) like me, then this is the opportune time to make a purchase. Seems Apple iPad Air (4th Generation) is the new elite’s device for everybody.

People have been criticizing Apple for its expensive products. But premium features and quality demands a premium price. Though some criticism in the past was justified, with the latest Apple iPad Air (4th Generation) it seems to be riding huge popularity and acceptability. Apple has time and again proved that when it comes to technology, it offers the best.

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