Health Benefits of Drinking Rum - An article by Rajat Jhingan

Drink Rum – Live Long, Live Well: 10 Health Benefits of Drinking Rum

Feeling cold, good! You should drink Rum. Want to live long in a healthy manner, too good! Drink Rum. Beat the cold and feel the warmth of Rum. A drink loved, adored and worshipped by many. A taste only a connoisseur can appreciate. Rum has many lovers over the globe. From the ships of explorers to battlefield to high society, Rum has covered a great distance to reach to you. It does not come alone, it also brings plenty of health benefits which will amaze you.

Keep your spirits high as Rum comes in different colours and flavours and adds to your palate of drinks. Most interestingly, rum has many health benefits. Obviously, if taken in moderation then this unsung hero adds years to your life. In this article: ‘Drink Rum – Live Long, Live Well: 10 Health Benefits of Drinking Rum’, we surely will see how rum affects our health in a good way when taken in moderation.

Rum does not have fan following, it has lovers, connoisseurs and worshippers.

This beverage is a type of distilled alcohol which is made by the fermentation and distillation of sugarcane juice or its by-products like molasses. This classy and tasty drink was the first of all the spirits to come in a branded form.

Do you know that the taste of rum depends on the place of its origin. The British call it ‘Rum’, Spanish love it as ‘Ron’ and the French has named it as ‘Rhum’.

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10 Benefits of Drinking Rum

10 Benefits of Drinking Rum
Old Monk Rum – One of the Best Selling Rum Brands of India

1. Rum Fights Common Cold

Common cold has nothing to do with cold weather. Be it summer, rainy season or winter, the common cold can catch us anytime and anywhere. Rum has very high antibacterial properties which help in giving relief to a sore throat. You can take 2-3 spoons or have 2 pegs in lukewarm water. In many countries, people use rum like a medicine, even they give a spoon of rum to children as a cure for common cold. Though the doctor’s prescription has no replacement, but we all love home remedies.

2. Rum for Healthy Heart

A healthy heart has found a new friend, our hero – Rum. If taken in moderation and frequently, then rum is a great benefactor to heart. Rum helps to avoid artery blockage and is also a blood thinner. Thereby it helps in combating peripheral heart disease. As blood-thinning is also mentioned, then it must be stated in clear terms that it helps in fighting the buildup of cholesterol. It lowers the blood pressure and helps in relaxing the body.

3. With Rum, There is No Scurvy

From 1850 to 1970, the British Royal Navy had the provision of ‘tot’ (rum ration) for every sailor. During those times, people travelling on sea voyages often suffered from diseases related to the deficiency of vitamin-C. Rum came handy because it can be stored for a long time and people can drink it by adding some lemon to it. There is a mariner’s beverage called Grog. Basically, it is a blend of rum, lime juice and sugar water.

4. Rum as an Antiseptic

In a survival situation, our commando rum acts as an antiseptic. It has antimicrobial properties and can help in cleaning the wound. Moreover, though expensive, but when no option available, use it as hand sanitiser and clean other objects. This makes it surely multi-purpose.

5. Rum Reduces Chances of Alzheimer’s Disease

As per the study by a journal Age and Ageing, consuming rum reduces the chance to be diagnosed with Dementia and Alzheimer. Though it is not an encouragement to drink rum, but yes it is one of the benefits discovered by researchers.

6. Rum Says No to Gallstones

Moderate and frequent consumption of rum reduces the chances of developing gallstones by a third. This research was done in the U.K. Basically hardened cholesterol from bile forms gallstones in the gallbladder. Rum is beneficial for good cholesterol i.e. HDL cholesterol and helps in cutting bad cholesterol i.e. LDL cholesterol.

7. Rum Keeps You Warm

Rum has warming properties and was widely used during World War-I where it kept the soldiers fighting in the trenches warm. Besides, rum has calming and sedative properties. It helps in fighting anxiety and provides a boost to the immune system. The benefits of drinking rum have been well known by those who fought cold before they fought the enemy.

8. Rum Helps in Healing Sore Muscles

Rum helps to increase the bone mineral density in the body. This helps in curing sore muscles. Thus, in the case of muscle pain, rum provides relief. Also, it helps to prevent arthritis. A healthy bone is necessary for healthy muscles. If one takes rum moderately, like 2 pegs at a time and only 2 times a week, results can be astonishing.

9. Rum Adds Years to Your Life – Longevity

Rum has no fats and no carbohydrates. Additionally, it cuts bad cholesterol. When taken regularly in a moderate fashion, then it is presumed to add 3-5 years to your life-span. Given that you do not do other risky tasks like crossing the road blindfolded, binge drinking every now and then and not exercising. Moderation is the key to good health and wellness. Be it happiness and sadness, balance is the key. Rum is full of antioxidants, especially ellagic acid. Thus there are plenty of reasons to give this drink a high place in your cocktail orders.

10. Rum and Cancer Prevention

Cancer is one of the dreaded diseases affecting humans. Till now there is no sure-shot cure for cancer. People can get treated from cancer and the monster can still kill people. Though our loved scientist community is now close to inventing a cure. Rum provides a chance of preventing cancer. Though not fool-proof but various studies have found that those who have a moderate and frequent intake of rum has 38% lower risk of getting kidney cancer. In some cases, it is also beneficial against lymphoma and thyroid cancer.

Alcohol is dangerous, but when taken in moderation then it is one of the benefactors. Making mature and beneficial choices is our call and we must take it responsibly. Take all the benefits while not taking any dis-advantages. Enjoy the spirits, but don’t be a slave to it. Alcohol and lack of self-control has destroyed homes, lives and careers. Play with fire and play responsibly. I will not ask you to be some monk. Drink, enjoy but remember to be moderate in your approach.

Enjoy this article, ‘Drink Rum – Live Long, Live Well: 10 Health Benefits of Drinking Rum‘, with a slice of lemon and stay healthy.

Keep Your Spirits High.


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