10 Ways To Earn Money Online

Having financial independence and being your own boss is a big incentive if you are willing to make an effort. The online world is full of opportunities. Here in “10 Ways To Earn Money Online“, we provide the ways which suit your need and temperament. Not all of us can be writers, website designers, make-up artist etc. There are ways and avenues for everyone on the internet. Earning money online is equal to being an entrepreneur. There is an advantage of investing less. You need your own set of skills, a computer/laptop or even a smartphone and an internet connection. The only thing required is the right mindset and your own skills and a little bit of technical knowledge.

Congratulations for willing to earn money online. Be it a big company like Facebook, Amazon, Flipkart or startups like Grofers, people are adopting online modes and earning big money. The digital world is a new marketplace and both goods and services can be bought and sold. There can be negotiations based on the quality of your product. You’ll find a very wide range of pricing for similar services, a service which you are offering for $100 can be offered by someone else for a mere $10. But there is a catch! The premium price is paid for quality, consistency and timely deliverability.

Word of Caution

Before going further, I must emphasise that the way to do business has shifted online but there is no change in the values of buying and selling. People buy on the basis of your reputation. Sometimes, they will demand samples or see your portfolio. In the same way, there can be a fraud when you provide a service and other party disappears.

Also, please beware of “Data Entry Jobs”. Yes, most of them are fraud and scams. Again, I am not saying all, but most of them are. So don’t waste your time. In this article, I will not write false positive statements to misguide you. You’ll get the real deal.

Don’t fall for false stories about being rich overnight or making lots of money online. Such schemes exist only in movies. In real-world, it can be done by crime or scam, and both will land you in jail. So don’t fall into the trap of someone telling you to make money online with least effort and very quickly. It will never happen.

If you are in urgent need of money, it is far better to take a personal loan from a bank or an interest-free loan from a friend. Don’t fall into any money lender’s trap. Get a loan and work hard to pay back at the earnest. Never take a loan from a non-institutional source or else there is always a threat of exploitation.

Since, I have warned you enough of the scenarios to the best of my knowledge now lets get on with our list.

Earn Money Online: 10 Practical Ways

1. Click Photos and Sell Them to Earn Money

Yes, you have heard it right! It can be done even with a smartphone camera. If you are good at photography or can see a professional image even in everyday life, you can make a lot of money. The images/photographs you click can be sold to various bloggers, small businesses and publishers. There are people who are looking for creative images and are willing to pay the price to ensure that the image is original. Additionally, they also benefit from the fact that they hold the copyright of the image by buying it from the original content producer.

And, it is not just with photography, you can make vector images, illustrations, collages, images related to particular themes like nature, food, technology, conversations etc. and even creative photos – all depends on your creativity.

You simply join websites like iStockphoto, Shutterstock, Etsy, 500px Prime, Pixabay etc. You join these websites as contributors where you have to upload the images and people will buy it. You can charge upward of Rs.300 per photo. So even if you manage to sell at least 5-6 images a day, it will be around Rs. 54,000 per month. But wait, I would give you a false rosy picture. You’ll be having a tough competition and some days will be good and some bad. So, all in all, if you are good in creativity and especially with photography, it is a very solid sidekick. The major advantage is that you don’t need to be some geeky programmer. Only simple internet skills are enough.

2. Earn Money by Buying and Selling Domain Names

Yo! Another job where you don’t need to be a website designer. Plus there are many other aspects to it. If you have a high traffic blog, Facebook group, Instagram account, Twitter handle etc. you can either rent it or even sell it. All depends on your audience, the profile, type of niche you have created.

I know that you know all this, but here you want to know about buying and selling website names. Let’s get on. You research a target area and buy the names you know will be most sought after by people after some time. If available, these domain names can be bought at dirt-cheap prices and can be sold at very premium prices. This arena requires your analytical skills and how much deeper you understand websites and their advertisement strategies. If you can build a website with unique content and good traffic, you can sell it for more than Rs 30,000.

3. Earn From Social Media Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

These days many people have one social media account, be it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Telegram etc. There is no limit to how much money you can earn from these social media websites. All depends on your followers and subscribers. You must have seen pages or accounts for memes, jokes etc where many people join or subscribe. Companies, brands and other advertisers pay a hefty amount for a single post, tweet or picture.

Now you understand the reason behind so much rush for subscribers, followers, likes etc. Money is raining. All you need is a proper understanding of how these things work. The general rule is to stay away from political and controversial topics. Rest, the sky is the limit.

So, instead of wasting time and watching your friend’s holiday tourism pictures, use your time wisely and contribute good content. People are willing to pay anywhere between Rs 10,000 to 75,000 for a single post depending on your subscription base.

4. Surf the Internet and Earn Money: App and Website Testing

Millions of websites are made, launched and taken down on daily basis. Programmers and developers need feedback regarding their websites from people. And yes, they pay for it. All you have to do is to access that website or app and give the feedback of the user experience, how you felt, ease of navigation, colour coding etc.

All you need is a simple PC, laptop or even a smartphone depending upon the app or website. You need to spend anywhere between 20-35 minutes on that platform. The pay can range from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 of a single site. This means that by investing one hour daily, you can earn about Rs 20,000+ on monthly basis. Hey, it is more than just a side kick.

There are many sites like ‘userlytics.com’, ‘TryMyUI’ etc that offers you to test the websites. And you don’t need to have any technical know-how for this work. Sounds interesting? Can be tried.

5. Trading Activities from Stock Market to Cryptocurrencies to Gold

Buy and Sell Bitcoin and Other Crypto Currency

Here you need some investment and knowledge, to begin with, but the amount of money which can be made is directly proportional to your risk, knowledge, understanding and amount of investment. I am talking about trading, and it is not gambling. You can trade in share-market, yes that world of names like equity, bond, shares etc. Believe me, it is not that difficult as you think.

Additionally, you can also trade in cryptocurrencies. They are also the hottest selling items where people are booking huge profits. Many financial pundits believe it to be the future currency of the world. But I must emphasise that one must gain knowledge about it and then begin. Of course, any legal method of earning money is good.

Another thing where a person can invest money and trade is gold. And surprisingly you can begin trading from investing as low as Re.1. Wow. No, it is not a dream. Government of India has already allowed gold trading where you can invest any amount you like and buy gold and can sell it later when the price rises or whenever you want. Additionally, the gold for your purchase will be held by a banking authority, where you can also demand to receive the physical gold if you wish, after meeting certain conditions. Ah! gold trade is still in fashion.

6. Be an Online Tutor or Coach

Teaching Online is one of the ways to make money online

In India, there are many platforms/ websites that offer a huge sum of money to a person who is willing to teach students or clear their doubts. There are websites like Chegg, Pearson, EduWizardS etc where you can enrol as a teacher/ coach/ tutor etc.

All you need is to be an expert in the domain knowledge. You can be tutoring a school student or could be a graduate student. You may either have a job to teach or may have only to clear their doubts. Teaching has fixed hours while for answering doubts you get paid on per question basis. Earing per month can range from Rs 30,000 to Rs. 1 Lakh. All depends upon your subject knowledge and student feedback.

7. Earn money Online by Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing is also one of the methods through which people can make money online.

Ever heard of websites like Fiverr, 99design, Crowdspring, Upwork, etc. Yes, these are the places where a graphic designer can get online work. For those who think I am talking in a geek language, then simply I am referring to logos, illustrations, books covers, brochures, flyers, PowerPoint presentations, posters etc.

It is a very creative and competitive field. Many businesses, small website owners, bloggers, businessmen etc are looking for graphic designers. They may need a ‘logo’ or to design a ‘restaurant’s menu’, ‘visiting card’ or could also be a ‘letterhead’. The payment per design can range from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1500 per page and could be higher depending upon supporting services like the speed of delivery, the number of revisions etc.

For people who want to get into this field, there is nothing to be afraid of. Understand this, that to earn money you need to learn a skill or two. Youtube is today filled with numerous tutorials about Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign etc. Surely, it will take some time, but earning potential is too good.

8. Monetize Your Knowledge: Be a Consultant

Consultancy is also one of the way to earn money online by Rajat Jhingan.

If you are having practical knowledge then you have tons of earning opportunities. Knowledge is power and experience is also money if you want to share it. You can help people be advising them to make a content strategy, career counselling, marketing strategy, relationship advice, astrological readings, tarot card readings etc.

But if you don’t have the knowledge or experience then, don’t worry, knowledge can be learned and experience can be built. If you have certain experience or expertise then you can offer your advice. People pay big amounts if they trust you. Obviously, you need to show your skills, experience or reputation. They may demand to see your portfolio. It could be financial advice or could be related to sports strategy. The range is very wide and people are looking for the consultants.

9. Writing to Earn Money

As a writer, a person can have immense opportunities to ear. It is not just blogging but other fields like copy-writing, ghost writing, project report preparations etc. There are many companies related to content creation like Paperpedia which pays a handsome amount to freelancers, but yes, the quality matters.

Another skill is of editing and proof-reading. Yes, people pay for editing and proof-reading skills. Similarly, one can also write blogs. Blogging can be done for personal purposes and for commercial purposes. If you have good writing skills and can produce a good quality written then you can build a side earning if you plan and target a niche. Then you earn by advertisements, collaborations or even freelancing.

Apart from that, there can be content re-writing jobs one can pick from freelancing portals. Apart from Fiverr and Upwork, one can also find gigs on other platforms like Freelancer, Smartcat, Wordy, Smartling.com, Scribbr etc.

10. Affiliate Marketing

As per common perception, affiliate marketing is not just about Amazon or Flipkart, it is much beyond than them. Affiliate marketing is where you earn commissions by promoting or ‘marketing’ the products of other people. People sell products which are listed on online selling platforms like Amazon and Flipkart, then there are also promotions for software, smartphone apps, games etc.

The commissions varies as per the product categories. Affiliate marketing does not require any investment and depends upon the buyers who’ll buy those products from the ‘hyperlinks’ provided by you. Normally commissions are fixed and are paid when a particular amount is due. You can sell the products from your Facebook pages, Youtube videos, Instagram Posts etc.

Affiliate marketing is similar to running your own retail store in an online mode where investment is negligible, while you earn commissions.

Other Methods to Earn Money Online

Above I have mentioned the most practical ways where one can earn money without being too technically skilled. Apart from the above mentioned ‘10 Ways to Earn Money Online‘, there are other methods like:

  • Dropshipping
  • Youtube Video Making
  • Selling Online
  • Website Designing
  • Social Media Manager
  • Selling on the online marketplace

Which Method/ Way is Right For You: The Choice

Right or Wrong - What is the best way to select, which kind of gig is good or bad for you.

From the above methods listed, don’t choose on the method based on the perception that: ‘In which I can make more money?’ That will be a wrong approach. Why? If you choose the method on the basis of return, then you will have a very less chance of earning from it in the long-term. People many a time do start with part-time work and end up doing it full-time making more money than their previous jobs. So take this matter rather seriously. Rather, if your reputation will fail then your future orders will be affected.

You must choose the method according to your temperament, the technology you have and your patience level. Things take time to build up. The online world is not a magic place. As I have earlier told, that only markets have shifted online, the principles and ethics behind buying and selling between humans are still the same.

If you, choose only on the basis of money, then you will be focussing only on the payment part. Rather the trick is to build reputation and quality. Money will come chasing your expertise. I do agree that it gets tough for the first-timers. But you need to understand that if you pile-up negative reviews, then you wont be getting any work in the future then.

So with this I end my article ‘10 Ways To Earn Money Online‘, hoping that you all will take positive steps and will move ahead to financial independence and prosperity.

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